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Birkenbach-Gesundheit GmbH, specializing in innovative cosmetic and personal care products, the trusted choice for your demand.

About us

Birkenbach-Gesundheit GmbH, specializing in innovative cosmetic, body, skin and hair care products from the formulation development to the finished product, the trusted choice for your highest demand.

Innovatively fulfill your demand in terms of quality, effectiveness and safety from the center of Europe.

We focus on plant stem cell beauty anti-aging research and life technology medical rehabilitation. Self-owned research institute located in German high-tech city Kaiserslautern.

Birkenbach is a high-tech, strong and professional company. Creativity and Technology are the foundation for Birkenbach. Based on the latest active ingredients and new biological discoveries, we propose a global concept that can be adapted to the needs of our clients.

Birkenbach Gesundheit-GmbH
Trippstadter Str. 110
67663 Kaiserslautern

Phone: +49 631 31769841

Contact person

MSc.June Wang
Product Manager
Phone: +86 1386 7106479
Dr. Saeid Farsadpour
Division Manager Personal Care
Phone: +49 631 31769841
Birkenbach Gesundheit-GmbH
Trippstadter Str. 110
67663 Kaiserslautern

Phone: +49 631 31769841

Products and services

Golden Caviar Anti-Aging Set

  • Golden Caviar Anti-Aging Day Cream

  • Golden Caviar Anti-Aging Night Cream

  • Golden Caviar Anti-Aging Eye Cream

  • Golden Caviar Anti-Aging Serum

    Jewelry Ampoule Serum Set

  • Feuchtigkeitspflege Serum

  • Aufheller Serum

  • Soothing Care Serum

  • Urban Protection Serum

  • Intensive Caviar Serum

    Intensive Anti-aging Serums:

  • Regenerating Anti-Aging Serum

  • Revitalizing PRO Active-Protection Eye Serum

    Cellcode Meso products:

  • CellCode-Rejuvenating Anti-Age Cocktail 50

  • CellCode-HA Rejuvenating Anti-Age Cocktail 1050

  • CellCode-Hyaluron 2002

  • CellCode-Lifting 05

  • CellCode-Radiance 02

    Daily Skin care products:

  • Gentle Nourishing Cleaning Milk

  • Grapefruit Toning Water

  • Hydrating Calendula Tonic

  • Brightening Essence Cream

  • Black Orchid Rejuvenating Cream

  • Refreshing Firming Serum

  • Anti-Aging Balance Cream

  • Golden Caviar Relaxing Cream

    Body products:

  • Bust Enhancer essence cream

  • Redefining Contouring Body Gel

  • Rose Secret Balance Body Cream

  • Secret Balance Body Serum
Golden Caviar Anti-Aging Set

Gold Caviar Anti-Aging Care Set defines the new concept of luxury skin care and protect your skin from aging problems.

Day Cream:
Support the elasticity of the tissue, reduce wrinkles makes the skin bright and shine.

Night Cream:
Supporting collagen synthesis, increases the elasticity of the tissue, reduction of wrinkle depth.

Eye Cream:
Tightens the eye area and the strengthens the contours. Small lines and wrinkles will be reduced.

Gentle Nourishing Cleaning Milk

The Gentle Nourishing Cleaning Milk can easily generate creamy foaming mousse which gently and efficiently cleanses delicate facial skin. The active combination of hyaluronic and glacier water lends the skin a radiantly fresh purity while maintaining its moisture balance

Urban Protection Serum

The Urban-Protection Serum contains a complex of THREE teas that protects the skin from the oxidative degradation of lipids. Oxidative stress such as environmental pollution, excessive UV radiation or nicotine damage the cells and lead to lipid peroxidation. The complex reduces the effects of PhotoAging.

News & Innovations

Trustworthy Meso products launching now, new era of fast skin management
Birkenbach has worked with Spanish medical laboratories to conduct research on dermatological topics. Recently, five new Meso products has launched, including 2 anti-aging cocktails, brightening complex, anti-cellulite complex and high quality compound hyaluronic acid. The star products are the anti-aging cocktails, which contains more than 50 active ingredients, 24 kinds of amino acids, 12 kinds of vitamins and multiple coenzymes and peptides. It provides the skin with sufficient nutrients, restores cell vitality, and maintains collagen fibers and elastic fibers for the skin. Effectively diminish fine lines, improve dullness, roughness, makes skin smooth, firm and radiance. The innovative formula brings excellent efficacy. During the test trials, the testers responded strongly and were highly satisfied. Birkenbach hopes to bring customers a faster, safer and more effective medical skin care experience through these brand new Meso products.
New franchise SPA opened in Dalian, the new journey of the

On March 18, 2021, a new member has joined to the authorized franchise SPA of Birkenbach Germany. Ms. Luo from the beautiful coastal city Dalian, officially joined the big family of Birkenbach.

Ms. Luo, who worked many years and has great experience in beauty industry. She is an expert in this industry since not only she has professional beauty expertise, but also strong management capabilities and forward-looking sight. For many years, Ms. Luo has been seeking for a brand which could fit with her original intentions. When Ms. Luo got to know Birkenbach, she visited the flagship SPA which located in Grand Hyatt Hotel. At that time, she realized that this is the brand she has been looking for. High efficacy, cutting-edge technology, safe and stable, she made her decision within seconds.

Ms. Luo also pointed out that she is very pleased with the supporting services provided by Birkenbach, including the integrated plan of medical beauty products and service, customized project integration system, management consulting system and the new media operation. The recognition of German quality and caring service made this senior expert in the beauty industry decide to join hands with Birkenbach, build a better future together. If you also want to make your own career like Ms. Luo in beauty industry, you are more than welcome to know about Birkenbach. We are now recruiting products and SPA franchisees of China and we look forward to your joining.

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